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What does it mean to be inspired? For some inspiration comes slowly, in bits and pieces.   For others it rains down like a bolt of lightning.  If you ask a dictionary it will likely tell you that inspiration exudes itself in some sort of extraordinary quality, as if arising from divine external creative impulses.

For Kenny Clarke, ever since he was a child, growing up in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, the outdoors has provided a continuous pathway of inspiration and exploration.  Since before he can remember creativity was a driving factor in who he was, where he was going and what he was to become.

At a young age creativity manifested itself in the form a dizzying number of artistic forays.  Crayons, pencils, chalk, mud, rocks…it made no difference, as a kid Kenny was putting his hand to paper on a daily basis.  Nowadays, Kenny has narrowed his focus a little bit (he no longer paints with rocks), but he still refuses to be defined by one artistic style or constrained by a single medium.


Abstract Still Life – Age 6

In youth it was only a matter of time before cameras came into play in furthering Kenny’s artistic abilities and productivity.  Supportive family members, willing to lend their expensive gear and an eventual (unbelievable) gift of a1930s Rolleiflex by a supportive family friend further fueled Kenny’s creative fire.  But always, more important than Kenny’s, for the most part, self-taught ability to work the relatively simple controls of a camera is his ability to see the beauty presented in the natural world.

As the years passed it became inevitable that Kenny’s photographic talent would eventually come to focus almost exclusively on the world of fly fishing, his love and passion, a sport that he was introduced to very early on in life.

As far as the artwork goes, whether Kenny is painstakingly penciling in the scales of a tarpon, abstracting a legendary bluesman or laying down paint on a giant canvas, Kenny’s artistic inspiration is as strong as ever.  Although Kenny’s works are heavily influenced by the outdoors and fly fishing, it’s not uncommon to find him working on portraits of people and birds.

In taking things further it was only natural that professional writing came into play. Writing proved to be an effective tool for pushing his photographs ahead of others in the competitive world of freelance magazine photography.  Beautiful photographs paired with a well-written manuscript, from a single source, made economic sense to penny strapped editors.  Like many writers, Kenny enjoys having written and loathes the mentally taxing process of crafting the perfect sentence, a seemingly impossible task at times.  Nevertheless, Kenny continually challenges himself through creative outdoor writing and professional outdoor gear reviews.           

Kenny Clarke’s photography, writing and equipment reviews have appeared in many national publications, on websites, in advertising and throughout other mediums.

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